A Powerful Integrated Asset Modeling Solution to Integrate Flow from Reservoir to Markets.

A purposeful production forecasting tool that facilitates corporate decision making, plus carries out short and long-term gas forecasting throughout the full lifecycle of a field.
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Next Generation Integrated Asset Modelling for Market-Driven Gas Planning. You gave us feedback and we listened. See why GasAssure has become the new standard below.

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There’s a good reason why GasAssure is becoming the new standard of integrated asset modelling. Become part of the next generation of Oil & Gas. Download the GasAssure Graphical User Interface for Free Now.
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The Only Fully Integrated Reservoir to Market Solution

The only fully integrated solution available that back allocates production based on market demands. Runs complex models in minutes without compromising complexity or accuracy. Used for gas forecasting throughout the full lifecycle of a field.

Ensure product and revenue optimization

Optimize not maximise output production to ensure the highest long run benefits for your organization.

Meet Contract Specifications

GasAssure ensures you meet your contractual obligations and calculate the capability of the gas delivery system to meet demand subject to unplanned downtime.

Identify and manage system bottlenecks

Use the flagging mechanisms to easily identify and correct system bottlenecks.

Forecast Production

Forecast the production and performance of entire fields with a limitless number of wells and platforms.

Robust and Fast Algorithm

Model the entire supply chain from reservoirs to the final market and generate solution in a fraction of time taken by current offerings backed by 20+ years of software experience.


Comprehensive Reporting

Comrehensive reporting including daily, quarterly, monthly and annual timesteps with options of creating your own templates and filters.


Perform comprehensive risk analysis

Utilize scenario and probabilistic analysis to aid in and conduct comprehensive risk analysis of entire production systems.

Product Blending Optimisation

Use GasAssure to maximise production from multi-field assets while honouring any quality specification on the final sales product.


Plan for Field Expansion

Use automatic triggering to determine optimal time for new developments and aid investment decisions.

The Ultimate Production Forecasting Tool

The ultimate IAM tool that provide solutions for product blending optimisation, network debottlenecking, production optimisation and allocation. GasAssure has implemented solutions for assets ranging from 1 to 4000 plus wells.

Fully Integrated

The only fully integrated solution for back-allocation of production based on multiple market demands.

Production Forecasting

Use GasAssure’s robust production forecasting capability that can be of immense value when contractual obligations should be met. Maximise the operational capacity of your fields project margins.

Field Development Planning

Evaluate various what if scenarios from reservoir to final delivery point and obtain cost-effective development planning solutions. Use GasAssure probabilistic analysis for small and large scale projects to narrow down the uncertainty range and optimise production throughout the field life.

Production Optimisation

Develop an optimum production and operational strategy to optimise the existing production assets. Identify the key production bottlenecks, facility modifications and explore opportunities for maximising condensate production.

The Background of GasAssure

An easy to use graphic interface.

Comprehensive Reporting

Production reports, Allocation reports, Time Step reports, and many more for better data analysis.

Pre-Development Planning

Use GasAssure to plan number of optimal wells.

Meet Contractual Demand

Maximise available resources with optimal compression and avoid supply shortage.

Optimise Valuable Product Streams

Optimise the recovery of valuable products such as condensate.

Demand Profiles

Model Seasonal Demand variation profiles for any market types.


Optimise field performance with designing and planning for appropriate equipment.

Constraint Management

Identify and model deliverability constraints such as CO2 rates.

Maximise Product Streams

Use GasAssure’s unique extraction methods to maximise other product yields.

Field Development Planning

Use GasAssure to plan the right time for bring wells on-stream.

Probabilistic Analysis

Model reservoir uncertainty with GasAssure’s inbuilt probability and scenario analysis.

What If Analysis

Narrow down the uncertainty range with GasAssure’s sensitivity analysis tool.

Meet Market Demands Faster. Here’s How it Works:


GasAssure uses mathematical techniques & algorithms not previously used in the Oil & Gas industry to solve performance forecasting problems before they even happen. So you can meet market-driven demands.

The increased speed of simulation combined with accuracy levels for complex field applications and the
seamless integration of the integral parts makes GasAssure a unique IAM tool.

GasAssure has evidently validated, aligned and matched to field data for complex models.

Countless Features & Benefits

GasAssure’s key features & benefits is what makes it so uniquely special, unlike any other integrated asset modelling tool used on the planet. See why GasAssure is becoming the new standard. Look at what’s included below:

Reservoir Modeling

  • Material Balance tanks
  • Coupled numerical reservoir simulation (ResAssure, Eclipse)
  • Simple and Multilayered reservoir modelling
  • Fully Compositional Tracking

Wellbore Modeling

  • Single and Multiple Completions
  • Inbuilt and User defined IPR/VLP models
  • Single and Multiphase tubing lift performance modeling

Platform Modeling

  • Run simulations in minutes, not hours.
  • Saves valuable time and money
  • Facilitates efficient and timely decision making

Pipelines Modeling

  • Single and Multiphase pressure drop modelling
  • Temperature and Pressure traverse
  • Pressure constraint monitoring
  • Pipeline Bathymetry

Facilities Modeling

  • Optimisation of Product Yields
  • Rate or Time dependent Inlet/Outlet Fuel modeling
  • Single and Parallel Compressors
  • Polytropic, Generic or Performance curve models

Market Modeling

  • Product based markets
  • Season Demand Profile
  • Event triggers based on market requirements
  • Robust Contract Specifications
  • Product Blending Optimisation
  • Storage Modelling

Reporting & Data Management

  • Easy Data Handling and compatibility with Excel
  • HDF5 (Hierarchical Data Format 5) to handle vast data
  • Track production share throughout the network
  • Bulk Data handling

Risk & Decision Analysis

  • Large Scale Sensitivity Analysis to build and analyse large number of scenario
  • Full scale Probabilistic Analysis
  • Option to specify Correlated Variables

Reliability of Supply

  • Ensure reliability and continuity of supply
  • Statistical Analysis of the model to indicate its reliability
  • Determine the effect of unplanned downtime on the system’s ability to meet demand

Robust Network Solver Optimiser

  • Solves a multi-objective nonlinear optimisation problem for network back allocation with pressure constraints.
  • Optimises supply to market to every time step

Simple & User Friendly Interface

  • Allows users with any level of experience the opportunity to build a representative gas system quickly & efficiently
  • Minimises training costs

Other Features

  • PVT integration with PVT Nova Sim
  • Effective management of large networks

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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes GasAssure unique?

GasAssure enables a user to plan the entire supply chain, from reservoir to the final market in one go and generates a solution in a fraction of time taken by current offerings. A user can track the hydrocarbon at any stage of the supply chain. By allowing for the changing field and operating conditions, GasAssure is suitable for short, medium and long-term planning.

GasAssure is market driven, enabling the user to prioritise markets, plan additional drilling of wells in the case of peak demand or maintenance shutdown, ensuring that gas contract obligations are met.

How is Gas Planning Currently Done in the Oil & Gas Industry?

While a large part of the Oil and Gas Industry still rely on Excel spreadsheet formulation for Gas Planning, software solutions are gaining ground due to their large data handling capacity, accuracy, easier bug identification and efficient reporting

Currently, different software packages are required to model reservoirs, wells, process plant, compressors, pipelines and the final market. Some companies offer software which can only model and simulate a specific part of the upstream supply chain, while others offer software which can be integrated to give a seamless upstream supply chain model.

What makes GasAssure so much faster than other solutions?

GasAssure follows an integrated approach, which does not require it to interface with any other software to provide a complete solution. 30+ years of oil and gas production and planning experience ensures only industry standard PVT, IPR and VLP correlations for optimising the network are used. Smart matrix building for linear programming specifically designed for Gas Planning optimisation enable GasAssure to generate the solution at a very fast speed.

Can I integrate GasAssure with other software for data input?

GasAssure is fully self-contained and can perform all the required calculations. Alternatively it can interface with data generated by other software systems if that is the client’s preference. Regardless the final outcome is an optimised, resilient distribution system best able to respond to technical changes and market fluctuation.

How do you model 2 – 3 phase flows in a tank ( say gas and water productions from the same tank?) in GasAssure ?

There are different ways to handle Oil in GasAssure:

For gas and gas-condensate: One way is to deal with oil as their equivalent gas volume at surface condition. Due to program being fully compositional, Having defined the composition, products such as Condensate can be defined. Once it gets to the reporting side, condensate products are converted to liquid units such as BBls, m3 etc.. This can be done using tank models and type curves.

Another way is to deal with C5+ components as oil which in this case oil in liquid form will be carried in the network using the multiphase flow correlations.

Third way is to calculate the amount of condensate based on pressure and temperature at each point in the network which that is done by integration of GasAssure with PVTsim Nova. This will depend on the user to have PVTsim Nova installed on their computers.

For Oil reservoirs having solution gas or free gas: This can be modeled using Blackoil version of GasAssure called OilAssure. This can be done either on the tanks (coming in future versions) or as typecurves (Available in V1.6). OilAssure and GasAssure are integrated and user can join the Blackoil network to the compositional network (gas network/GasAssure) with a Flash table defined at the connection point. From the connection point to the market node, the model will be compositional.

Water production is modelled by adding H2O as a component in the network.

How do you model overpressure reservoirs in GasAssure?

Tanks/reservoirs use a datum depth and pressure at datum depth  to calculate GWC pressure and pressure at completions using gas/liquid gradients, This will be the same for overpressure reservoirs.

What types of aquifer algorithms are implemented in GasAssure?

Aquifer influx can be specified using either aquifer influx function or Hurst-van Everdingen model which is formulated in the program. If aquifer values such as k, pi, re, rw, ct, h, vis and angle are specified, the AIF table is calculated internally by the program for a circular reservoir centred in a circular aquifer. Regional aquifers can also be defined in which the total pressure change at the aquifer boundary is calculated using superposition of transient and regional aquifers.

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