The Stochastic Simulation Suite

Our software platform comprises a suite of fully integrated digital oilfield solutions for the upstream Oil & Gas industry.

Our solutions are scalable, intuitive and extremely fast, providing cutting edge technology which brings new information to the industry at previously unimaginable speeds.

World Class Software at the Tip of your Hands

Unparalleled Speeds

The SSL suite is built for speed and power. Build models quickly and efficiently and view the results that matter in minutes.

Great Compatibility

Direct feed through output files ensure all of the products in the SSL range are not only compatible but also complement each other to generate powerful results.


World Class Support

Enjoy the level of fast and responsive support that we are known for with the SSL Software Suite.

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A Revolutionary Software Suite

Stochastic Simulation provides specialist solutions and services to the upstream oil and gas industry, with next generation digital products, GasAssure, ResAssure, FlowAssure and DrillAssure. In conjunction with superior cloud-based technology, these digital products, separately or together,, deliver solutions to the most complex of problems in the areas of integrated asset modelling, history matching, reservoir simulation, uncertainty modelling and drill risk reduction.

Integrated Asset Modelling & Gas Management

The only fully integrated solution available that back allocates production based on market demands. Runs complex models in minutes without compromising complexity or accuracy. Used for gas forecasting throughout the full lifestyle of a field. Learn more about GasAssure.

Reservoir Simulation & History Matching

An exceptionally fast reservoir simulator that enables engineers to systematically work through all technical uncertainties and generate far more accurate estimates of hydrocarbon reserves. Learn more about ResAssure.

Oil and Gas Deliverability Modelling & Production Forecasting

Use compositional and black oil models to predict the performance of a group of oil and gas reservoir, and calculate field and reservoir production profiles using individual well profiles and drilling sequences with facility constraints. Learn more about FlowAssure.

Stress Mapping from Interpreted Reflection Seismic

A revolutionary solution that takes interpreted 3D reflection seismic and transforms it into quantified stresses. It can reduce drilling costs, avoid geological hazards, reduce the size of drilling programs and plan for a longer field life. Learn more about DrillAssure.

Suite Features

Flexible Modelling Scope

The SSL suite is built to model entire hydrocarbon systems from the reservoir up to the point of sale. Use different tools to evaluate and forecast production from entire fields depending on the level of granularity that better suits your project.

Unparalleled Speeds

Because most of the SSL software is built for accuracy, robustness, and speed, using the SSL suite guarantees unparalleled speeds and fast turnarounds times.


Fast & Responsive Support

While utilizing the SSL suite you can rest easy knowing that you will count with the great level of support that we are known for.

Great Compatibility

Each of the programs within the SSL suite are built to have full compatibility with each other. Linking several packages requires no post processing thus increasing efficiency and greatly reducing the likelihood of errors.

Modular Flexibility

Each software piece has been created as a standalone package so you can mix and match which packages you need to better suit your project or organization losing functionality.


Carry Analyses Through Models

Carry studies throughout the whole suite of products. Use ResAssure’s sensitivity analysis, for example, to quantify the effect of subsurface uncertainty and plug this data into GasAssure to observe how it affects your product deliverability.

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