The Ultimate Field Development & Production Forecasting Platform

Explore the smart way to generate oil and gas deliverability modelling and production forecasting with FlowAssure.






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Fully Integrated Hydrocarbon Deliverability Solution

The only fully integrated solution available that back allocates production based on market specifications. Run complex compositional and black oil models in minutes without prescription generic hydrocodone compromising complexity or accuracy, and use the results to forecast production of virtually any hydrocarbon product available.

Perform Risk & Sensitivity Analyses on System Variables

Use FlowAssure’s signature scenario and probabilistic analysis tools to perform sensitivity and risk analysis.

Optimize Gas & Maximise Oil Production to Ensure Revenue Optimization

Flow Assure allows you to maximise your oil production while intelligently managing gas production to meet market demand and optimize revenue generation.

Forecast Oil & Gas Production

Forecast short, medium, and long term production of oil, gas, and any other derived product throughout fields of any size.

Plan for Further Field Developments

Use automatic triggering and FlowAssure’s easy to use model building tools to determine the optimal time for new development and aid in investment decisions.

Evaluate System Restrictions & Bottlenecks

Use the flagging functionality to evaluate system restrictions and successfully resolve bottlenecks which may be straining your revenue sources.

Ensure Reliable Oil & Gas Delivery

Asses the effect of unforeseeable downtime events on your system’s reliability. FlowAssure tells users how to configure their delivery system to ensure constant product supply.

The Ultimate Field Development & Production Forecasting Platform

A fully integrated, Reservoir to Market oil and Gas Deliverability Modelling Solution.

Reservoir to market forecasting solution

Fully integrated tool to assess production of entire fields from reservoir to market. Model aquifers, reservoirs, completions, tubing, compressors, processing facilities, pipelines, and markets all in one.

Fast & Comprehensive

Get results in minutes instead of hours without any loss in precision with FlowAssure’s state of the art core.

Three Phase & Compositional Modelling

Full modelling flexibility. Generate three phase (oil, gas and water) models, switch to a fully compositional system or merge both models into one depending on your project requirements.

Model Complex Interactions & Configurations

Take into account a variety of fluids and evaluate their interactions and their effect on your systems deliverability.

Access GasAssure and OilAssure

Gain access to both GasAssure and OilAssure with this complete package!

State of the Art Interface

Intuitive and easy to use user interface!

Black Oil Modelling

Use OilAssure’s functionalities to create black oil models.

Fully Compositional Tracking

Use GasAssure’s features to track every single component.

A Fully Integrated Solution For Both Oil & Gas. How does it work?

FlowAssure comes as a standalone product that includes both GasAssure and OilAssure in one single package. GasAssure is a fully compositional modelling tool that allows users to track hydrocarbons with virtually any composition throughout entire fields and obtain oil and gas forecasts in a matter of minutes.

OilAssure is a three phase modelling tool that allows users to easily build oil and gas production systems based on real time data and utilizes their properties to accurately forecast production from both oil and gas. Users can choose to use either the compositional power of

GasAssure or the multiphase properties of OilAssure or even combine both models into one to get the best out of both worlds. With GasAssure’s and OilAssure’s unique powers, FlowAssure is the most complete and robust integrated hydrocarbon forecasting solution available in the market today.

Countless Features & Benefits

FlowAssure’s key features and benefits are what makes it so uniquely special. Check out the feature list below to see why it is becoming the new standard in oil and gas production forecasting.


Three Phase and Fully Compositional Modelling

Use black oil modelling (oil, gas, and water), switch to a fully compositional model with default and user defined components or merge both models into one for a complete view of your oil and gas deliverability system.

Advanced PVT Interaction Modelling

Fully specifiable multiphase interactions through PVT tables as well as the ability to use external PVT databases to describe hydrocarbon phase behaviour.

Back Allocation Optimisation

Only solution available that optimizes field hydrocarbon mix production based on market and contract requirements.

Model Product Markets & pecifications

Model any number of product based markets like Oil, Natural Gas, LNG, LPG and Domestic Gas. Meet exact product specifications (heating value, Wobbe index, and mass fractions) for any product while optimally blending and managing different reservoir sources. Model seasonal demand variation profiles, storage and reinjection and use market prioritisation, to simulate any system from the simplest to the most complex.

Model Complex Subsurface Systems

Simulate single and multilayered reservoirs with any composition and size. Use fully flexible subsurface systems specifiable through depletion (tank) models, decline curves, or integration with other reservoir simulators. Model water influx of regional and local aquifers and track GWC throughout the fields life.

Single & Multiphase Production Performance

Choose from a variety of IPR and VLP models to accurately describe well performance. Available IPR Models include Fetkovitch, P-squared, Quadratic and Forchheimer. VLP correlations such as Cullender Smith, Gray and Hagedorn Brown are all available. VLP models are also compatible with other software tools and can be imported directly when available.

Handle Complex Surface Facilities

Handle any number of processing facilities, compressors and processes through fully customisable nodes. Model different types of product recovery, compression systems, along with their constraints and easily identify product bottlenecks.

Flexible Pipeline & Transmission Models


Model single and multiphase flow within pipelines with any number of mixing and delivery points. Single phase models like Weymouth and Panhandle and multiphase models like the Beggs and Brill and Hagedorn Brown are all available from within the tool. Find potential flow assurance issues through pipeline temperature profiling and pressure constraint monitoring.



Automatic Event Triggering

Use FlowAssure’s automatic event triggering to determine optimal timing for platform and compression initialization.

Incredibly Fast Model Run Times

Extremely fast algorithms and model run times (50-100X faster than other APM/IAM Models). FlowAssure lets your engineers be more productive with fast simulation times.

Quick & Comprehensive Model Building

User Friendly interface and versatile data management tools allow the user to make comprehensive models quickly and efficiently.

Scenario & Probability Analysis

Run several scenarios at once and perform a probabilistic analysis on the results to estimate best, most likely, and worst case scenarios

Become an Accredited FlowAssure Consultant

Stochastic Simulation offers consultants the opportunity to benefit from some of the most innovative solutions in the Oil & Gas industry and increase revenue through our comprehensive accreditation program.

Stochastic Simulation’s accreditation program enables consultants to receive in-depth product training to ensure you can leverage the full potential of our solutions and provide your client’s with exceptional added value.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes FlowAssure unique?

FlowAssure is the fastest and only truly integrated market driven solution available today. With this tool planners and engineers can determine exactly what and when to execute changes in the production system to meet the hydrocarbon demands of today and the future.

What’s more FlowAssure allows users to run both fully compositional and black oil models simultaneously and even mix both models to evaluate production forecasts from any type of field available.

Why is FlowAssure so fast? Is there a compromise in results?

FlowAssure is fast because of its unique solver that uses an advanced set of processes crunching through solutions faster than any other simulator. The best part is that, because we are not cutting corners, there is absolutely no compromise in the granularity or precision of the results.

In many instances, in fact, FlowAssure generates more information and gives users more useful results than other conventional tools. Furthermore, a lot of work has been done in calibration and QA so you can rest assured that all results obtained from FlowAssure are accurate and comprehensive.

What is market driven?

Market driven means that the system’s solution is reached based on end product specifications so any changes in market forecasts are incorporated into the final solution. FlowAssure’s solver starts from the market where it calculates the system conditions that are needed to satisfy market requirements and works its way down the model calculating the events and parameters in each node until it reaches the hydrocarbon source. This method of solving the production system ensures that market requirements are met, optimizes production, and maximises company revenue.

Can FlowAssure handle both, three phase and compositional models?

FlowAssure is unique in that it offers users complete flexibility around the type of model they want to work with. Users can build fully compositional models with no restrictions on the number or type of components they want to simulate, or they can build traditional black oil models based on oil, gas and water rates.

What is more, users can create three phase models and connect them to fully compositional models and vice versa allowing them to account for every model type in their system.

Is it fully supported?

FlowAssure is fully supported by our team of dedicated developers and engineers. We love what we do and we take pride on the quality of our software. Problems are usually resolved quickly through contacting any of our friendly team members. For a more comprehensive and full support we also offer ad hoc consulting services.

Is it compatible with other software?

FlowAssure is fully self-contained and can be utilized without any other supporting tools. Nevertheless, reports and results from other O&G tools can be used as input through the easy to use FlowAssure interface. ResAssure reservoir models, for example, can be directly linked into FlowAssure for a more granular view at the fields subsurface system. Regardless of what tools are used, the final outcome is an optimised, resilient distribution system best able to respond to technical changes and market fluctuation.

How fast is it really?

FlowAssure’s state of the art core uses a proprietary solver method that calculates systems of equations in record time. Small hydrocarbon fields (<20 wells) run in a matter of seconds, while medium to big (>20 wells) run in a matter of minutes.

For one of our case studies in 2015, we attempted modelling the supply system of an entire country with over 4000 producing platforms and 11000 individual nodes. Simulations for this model ran in only a couple of hours.

What does full integration mean?

An integrated asset model is the best way to break down knowledge silos that indubitablyexist in every organization. Full integration means that you will be able to view the entire hydrocarbon production system from its initial state in the reservoir up until the point of sale in the product market, all in one single model.

With FlowAssure you will be able to model aquifers, reservoirs, completions, tubing and wellheads, production platforms, compressors, processing facilities, delivery points, and markets all in one tool. What is more, all of these nodes are able to communicate with each other and find a common solution, allowing planners and engineers to evaluate the effects of one parameter on the entire system.

Is it easy to use?

Years of work have been put into FlowAssure’s interphase with user friendliness, usability and accessibility at the core of the improvements. FlowAssure’s model builder has been developed so that anyone, from a graduate to a senior engineer, can build a model in a matter of minutes.

Can I take into account uncertainty in input parameters?

FlowAssure counts with scenario and probabilistic analysis tools that allow engineers to carry fully fledged sensitivity analysis studies and take into account any uncertainty in input data. This is a feature that is a perfect fit for FlowAssure as its unparalleled speeds allow it to run full probabilistic studies in a matter of minutes. Users can generate any number of discrete scenarios using the scenario builder function or construct a sensitivity analysis study applying a variety of probability distribution functions to virtually any input parameter.

What type of reports can I generate?

FlowAssure generates an enormous amount of information and thanks its flexible report generator, the number and type of reports that users can create is almost limitless. FlowAssure comes with a set of popular in-built reports and the functionality to create user generated reports with any structure and results. Reports can be generated in daily, monthly, quarterly, and yearly time steps depending on your projects characteristics. These can also be easily viewed and plotted at the click of a button, or they can be exported to Excel for further analysis.

How do I trial/Use FlowAssure?

Acquiring and using FlowAssure will be made available very soon. In the interim, see for yourself the capabilities of our software by downloading for free the graphical user interface of our products, GasAssure and ResAssure Static. Simply follow this link to the Register page and sign up to receive your exclusive credentials for free access.

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