Gas Master Planning- GasAssure workflow

Gas Master Plans (GMPs) are government documents that assess the resource potential of a country’s natural gas reserves. Watch this video to learn how Stochastic Simulation’s GasAssure was used for Gas Master Planning to optimise the overall supply and demand system of an entire country.

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Gas Master Planning- Client Case Study

Gas Master Plans (GMPs) are comprehensive action plans on how to effectively utilize a country’s energy resources to meet its increasing energy demands. Watch this video on how Stochastic Simulation’s GasAssure was used to model a country’s entire assets and come up with solutions to meet their increasing energy demands.

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The Value of Gas Master Planning

Gas Master Plans are documents that assist the reader to access the resource potential of a country’s or region’s natural gas reserves and identify the best utilisation strategy. Traditionally these documents have been static, with little detail or integration. While such plans may consider many factors such as technical, social, financial and environmental, the primary goal is to generate a long term plan for the supply and demand of the gas.

GasAssure is the best tool to achieve this integration of supply and demand to deliver a more technically robust Gas Master Plan. GasAssure models the reservoir through to the market using mathematical algorithms and petrophysical equations to deliver a continuous simulation of the optimal allocation.

GasAssure allows:

Dynamic modelling

The impact of production on reserves can be better assessed as GasAssure links the fields to the products. This allows the optimal fields to be brought online to meet the demand and increase the life of the field.

Demand-based Prioritisation

GasAssure optimises to meet the demand specified. Users are able to prioritise industries to determine the importance that the required allocation is met. Governments can prioritise sectors of national importance, such as the power sector, or more profitable industries to increase the projects value. Planners can easily identify their key priorities while GasAssure will ensure these markets have a reliable supply of gas.

Compositional modelling

GasAssure is fully compositional enabling the hydrocarbon specifications to be met and blended where required. This ensures quality control across the entire supply chain. Components such as carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulphide can be modelled to better assess utilisation opportunities or for planners to reduce emissions.

Reliable deliverability analysis

GasAssure can provide reliable estimates of the deliverability of gas. This allows contracts to be negotiated with far greater certainty and for planners to best assess the optimal gas allocation across industries. GasAssure allows users to identify short-term goals to ensure the demand is met and then formulate long term plans of how to meet future shortfalls and bring new fields to production.

External Linking

Models can be developed separately and linked allowing upstream and downstream operations to be fully integrated whilst allowing data to remain confidential. This allows separate operators or subsidiaries to maintain their independence whilst ensuring governments or national oil companies have a dynamically linked working solution.

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