Faster Reservoir Simulating & History Matching than Ever Before

ResAssure offers users with a complete Stochastic Reservoir Simulation workflow, which enables dynamic reserves estimation and history matching.

A Speed Revolution in Reservoir Simulation & Uncertainty Modelling

Stochastic Simulation’s approach to reservoir engineering is derived from its name; Stochastic. Stochastic refers to having a random probability that may be analysed statistically but not predicted precisely. There is uncertainty in the reservoir characteristics and uncertainty in the production which leads to a variety of outcomes. Stochastic Simulation applies proprietary algorithms to analyse thousands buy xanax online of models at breakthrough speeds to cover the range of uncertainty.

Oil & Gas engineers can systematically work through all the underlying technical uncertainties and generate far more accurate estimates of hydrocarbon reserves. In turn, this leads to increased value by saving time and ensuring sound technical and commercial decision making.

Backed by 37 years of Industry Experience

ResAssure is a Stochastic Simulation software solution and it’s innovation in reservoir simulation currently solves fully-implicit, dynamic three-phase fluid flow equations for every geological realisation. ResAssure marks a significant milestone in the history of reservoir simulation and leading technological advancements in the oil and gas industry. It has been developed to work with standard reservoir simulation package datasets such as Eclipse, CMG and VIP.

ResAssure was developed by Stochastic Simulation’s R&D team led by Dr Andrew Wadsley, a reservoir engineering expert with more than 37 years’ experience in the oil and gas industry. Dr Wadsley’s previous software solutions have been used in the industry since the 1980’s, including standard black oil simulation and integrated gas planning solutions.

The World’s Fastest Reservoir Simulator

ResAssure provides 100-1000 times faster reservoir simulation speeds, whilst still providing advanced statistical analysis, complex structural uncertainty and the ability to flex through multiple realisations. To demonstrate ResAssure’s capabilities, Stochastic Simulation undertook the challenge of carrying out 1 million realisations in 1 day.  This was done for a real field Cartesian model of 200,000 grid cells against 28 sensitivity parameters using 40 standard processing cores on Amazon Web Service’s (AWS) cloud computing platform.

How is it Achieved?

ResAssure achieves this incredible result using a combination of advanced technologies. It provides fully implicit simulation realisations without using proxy or approximation techniques.

The speed breakthrough is achieved by a combination of proprietary algorithms, polygonal gridding and aggressive spatial coarsening and time stepping, based upon a conventional finite-difference discretization of the reservoir.

Automatic History Matching

Historical production data is used as a quality check for the existing reservoir models. Current history matching method’s to identify good sets of history matched models are limited. As the industry is moving away from a single deterministic representation of reservoir, the existing methods (ensemble or gradient based approaches) struggle to solve the inverse problem.

The non-uniqueness in the history matched solution has been accepted in recent years but long iterative processes requiring a number of simulation runs makes the process difficult. ResAssure can facilitate the use of all these methods with ease.

ResAssure Benefits

  • Provides a unique competitive edge for oil and gas operators in managing subsurface uncertainties
  • Enables engineers efforts to focus on analysing development plans and testing different geological concepts
  • Provides a more rigorous study of project risks, supporting evidence-based investment decisions in a more timely manner
  • Assists operators with extracting more oil and gas from reservoirs

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ResAssure has the fastest reservoir simulator in the world, taking a completely unique approach to modelling subsurface uncertainty. Discover what ResAssure can do for you. Learn more.

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